Our Faculty

The faculty at Summit Christian Academy hold multiple certifications and participate in regular professional development, staying up with the latest research and trends in education. We are pleased to have each one contribute their unique talents and experience to our school community.

Nichola Dok

Transitional Kindergarten & Kindergarten

Education: Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies (K-8)

"I love teaching TK and Kindergarten! The excitement that each student has for learning is the driving factor to help each one to reach their full potential. I love to see their relationships to God develop and the impact that His love shows in their interactions with one another."

Ms. Nichola has been teaching Kindergarten for three years at SCA. With a Degree in Elementary Education and a background in graphic design, she enjoys increasing hands-on learning experiences by creating customized learning tools and resources for her students. She also emphasizes reading and writing, leveraging programs and curriculum that develop quality writing in Kindergarten and set a foundation for students as they progress in their learning. When Ms. Nichola is relaxing, she loves to read, camp, hike, and spend time with her family.

Sara Willard

1st & 2nd Grade

Education: Bachelor's in Elementary Education

Awards: Alumni Awards Foundation Excellence in Teaching (2010)

"I love that we have cultural diversity that incorporates into a unique and wonderful 'family' community. We have an incredible student body that values life skills and makes our school a safe place, where problem-solving is key and learning to cooperate is the product."

Ms. Sara loves teaching, and over the years has taught in grades TK through fourth. Throughout her career she has taught at schools in Colorado and Utah, and has been teaching at SCA for the past 16 years. With a passion for all that God has created, she uses nature in classroom curriculum, getting her students outside no matter the season and often bringing nature inside with plants, birds, and other animals that live in the classroom. Ms. Sara also runs the school's Outdoor Learning Program.

Cindy McCaw

3rd & 4th Grade | Head Teacher

Education: Master's in Curriculum Development, Bachelor's in Elementary Education

Awards: Zapara Excellence in Teaching Award (1990), Alumni Awards Foundation Excellence in Teaching Award (2009)

"SCA has an atmosphere of being one big family. The students help each other with school assignments, but also with life problems. The staff make a good team with one collective goal - to help out our students, families, community, and each other."

Ms. McCaw graduated from Union College in 1980 and has been teaching ever since. She has worked at SCA for almost twenty years. She is always looking for places to take her class on study trips, either indoors or out, and creates a classroom culture where students feel safe to learn, grow, and develop. When not teaching or working at the school, Ms. McCaw enjoys being outdoors, whether taking in the beauty of nature, fishing, or encountering wildlife.

Tom Roy

5th & 6th Grade

Education: Bachelor's in Elementary Education, Associate Degree in Technology

Awards: DeHaan Work Excellence Award (1996)

"I love SCA because it is a great place to work. The family atmosphere makes you feel welcomed and accepted. We can talk, study, and share Jesus here. We pray for each other, and everyone is welcomed here."

Mr. Roy taught at Adventist Junior Academy in Green Bay, Wisconsin, for 12 years and at Cross Street Christian School in Anderson, Indiana, for 4 years before joining the staff at SCA. He likes to introduce students to new things, including the classroom reptiles, and to make learning fun and challenging. He promotes learning through exploration in his science curriculum with dissections and robotics, and encourages students to learn valuable life skills through his shop classes. In his spare time, Mr. Roy enjoys camping, family time, riding his bike, golfing, and skiing.

Rith Dok

7th & 8th Grade

Education: Bachelor's in Education, Bachelor's in Social Work

"I enjoy teaching at SCA because of the opportunity we have to share Jesus with students while preparing them for their academic future. I am also proud to be part of this safe, supportive learning environment where teachers and staff work with families to meet the needs of each student."

Mr. Dok graduated from Pacific Union College in northern California with a degree in social work. For the next four years, he worked with children and families in group homes and therapeutic boarding schools. He then turned to education, teaching high school special education in a self-contained unit for three years and gaining his Bachelors in Education. He has taught at SCA since 2010.