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Parent / Teacher Conferences – Next
Thursday, October 25
An updated sign-up schedule is attached for your
convenience in selecting your preferred time(s) to meet 
with the teacher(s). Most of the families have signed up. 
We are still missing a few. Please sign up as soon as 
possible. Do not come in during what looks like a break 
in the schedule. If the teachers have openings in the 
day, they often use those to run school-related errands 
or work on a project for upcoming weeks.
For parents of children in grades 5-8, you will need to
sign up for conferences with both Mr. Roy and Mr. Dok.
Note: There are no regular classes on Parent /
Teacher Conference Day. The day will still count as a
school day because it will be a teacher – student contact 
Also note: There is no school on October 26. It
is a Teacher Prep Day.

For Safety’s Sake
There are two things that require us to be extra
vigilant about:
1) Youngsters waiting for their siblings to come
out of drama club and ukulele club. If their ride has
come and they have been released to their car, they
need to be in their car and not running loose until their 
siblings have been dismissed from their club. A student 
raced out into the driveway and was nearly hit by a car 
last Friday. We don’t want that to happen to anyone!
2) Community children. They seem to be crossing
our driveway much more than we remember seeing in 
past years. Please be extra watchful before turning into 
or out of our driveway. They seem to come out of 
nowhere, running or walking. Sometimes, either alone or 
as a group, they come to a standstill in the driveway and 
are oblivious to traffic waiting for them.
May all children be safe.

Alumni Handbell Choir
We are under way and have started our first ever
Summit Christian Academy Alumni Handbell Choir. We
practice every Tuesday evening from 7-8 pm. We meet in 
the music building which is the little building that looks 
like a storage shed to the left of the main building, right 
next to the south gate. Anybody who has graduated 
from our school or is a parent of a child who has gone to 
or is going to school here and would like to join, are 
welcome! No former music education is required. If you 
would like anymore information before joining 
don't hesitate to contact the Handbell director, Mrs. Miri Mertz, at She will be happy to answer
any questions you have about the group.


Prayer For Our Kids

Parents (and others) are invited to join together in the library at 8:15 a.m. on Monday mornings for a brief prayer time for our children. 

Boxtops For Education

Keep those boxtops coming! Check them first for expiration dates! Throw expired boxtops away! 

Smith’s Inspiring Donations

Link your Smith’s Rewards card to our school via Smith's Inspiring Donations. This funnels 0.5% of your eligible purchases to our school. Our organization's code is DV806. Thank you!


Calling all shoppers! Please consider linking your online purchases (via Amazon Smile) with our school for and easy way to support SCA without it costing you anything extra!



Monday Gr. Cheese Sandwich/ Soup / Fruit / Dessert
Tuesday “Chicken” Tetrazzini
Wednesday Pizza / Salad / Cookies
Thursday Parent / Teacher Conferences (No classes)
Friday No School


Oct. 19 End of 1 st quarter

Oct. 25 Parent / Teacher Conferences – These are student-led, which means the students accompany their parents. It counts as a school day, because it is a teacher-student contact day; however, there are no regular classes that day.

Oct. 26 Teacher Prep Day – NO SCHOOL

Nov. 20 Native American / Pilgrim Feast (½ day)