A positive, supportive Christian environment provides the foundation for the Summit Christian Academy program. Students participate in Bible classes, morning classroom worships, and weekly chapels. There are also weeks of prayer programs throughout the school year.

SCA provides excellent academic instruction from award-winning teachers. Lessons come alive through hands-on experiments, practical applications, independent analysis, and field trips. Our students consistently score high in standardized tests, and teachers administer benchmark exams throughout the year to keep tabs on students' learning progress. The SCA teachers make it a priority to regularly attend continuing teacher education programs.

SCA strives to keep students' technology up to date and relevant. Chromebooks and laptops are available both in the classrooms and in the computer lab, and students learn how to best use technology both for classroom lessons and real-life practicality.

SCA recognizes the importance of character development to a student’s future success. Students gain valuable life skills by thinking independently, problem-solving real-life situations, taking on leadership roles, and actively making a positive impact on the world through volunteer opportunities.

The lower number of students in SCA classrooms allows the teachers to spend more time with the students and find ways to challenge each one through individualized learning. The multi-grade classroom structure gives built-in leadership and collaboration opportunities as students work with and mentor each other.