SCA emphasizes the importance of being good citizens. This includes making the immediate school community a safe place for all and teaching students to respect both themselves and each other. It also includes taking care of our environment and assisting others. Students actively give back to the community in a variety of ways, including helping the school's neighbors and gathering goods for aid programs.

Twice a year, the teachers lead the SCA community on an extended study trip for those who are interested. The campouts take place at a national/state park or monument. Students learn more about classroom lessons and the outdoors, and families and teachers get to know each other better. The campers share stories, roast marshmallows, go on hikes, participate in junior park ranger programs, and help each other set up tents and cook meals. SCA has been doing these campouts since 2005, and they always fill up fast.

All parents are welcome to join the Home and School Committee, which meets monthly. This active group of parent and community volunteers help coordinate fundraisers, special events, student enrichment programs, hot lunch program, and room parents for each class.

Health Food Store
Health Food Education Company is an outlet for Worthington and Loma Linda vegetarian foods, both canned and frozen, and it occupies space right here at Summit Christian Academy. It is open during school hours Monday through Friday. The number to call is 801-613-1722